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Hi! This is the best part of the site. You can forget all that other stuff about Matt and Gilly and spiritual blah blah blah. This blog is dedicated to me, Achilles. I don't actually write it, 'cause I'm a dog. But, writing it's just grunt work anyway. The point is, it's all about me, from my perspective. Now, let's get to the good stuff.

Animal Farm

Last week I went with Matt and Rita to Windemere Ranch. It’s just
outside Santa Barbara. It has something to do with the Movement of
Spiritual blah blah blah. More importantly, it has animals! Animals
just like me, only different. And WHOA are they different!

Do you smell funny!

Do you smell funny!

“You smell funny!,

I was sniffing around by a fence minding my own business when suddenly
I felt a ZAP! Ouch! I yelped like a little puppy. It was an electric
fence, the kind they use to keep ordinary dogs in boring backyards.
Humph! I am no ordinary dog and that zap sure scared the bejesus out
of me! Luckily there doesn’t seem to be any long term damage. Matt and
Rita were worried.

This is dangerous!!!!

This is dangerous!!!!

This ranch was better than the other ranches I’ve visited. It has a
sweet energy around it. I hope we come back here again soon. I just
hope they take down that zappy fence first.

I feel like I being watched...

I feel like I being watched…

Mystic Doggy

I went with Matt to his talk about Gilly’s book at the Mystic Journey
bookstore in Venice. I am still a little jealous about all the
attention Gilly has been getting from this book, but I decided to be
as supportive as I could. I lay in the front close to Matt and
listened while he talked about becoming blind and the help that Gilly
gave him.

“It was a time in my life where I wasn’t able to talk to anyone. I had
this silly idea that it was weak to talk about how much it hurt and
how disappointed I was. But Gilly was just the support I could accept.
He didn’t try to cheer me up. He just lay there and listened quietly.
He gave me his presence, the softness of his being, and the gentleness
of his spirit.”

Matt was right. Gilly was a master at doing nothing. I learned a lot
from him. That’s why I just lay there at Matt’s feet during his talk
at the bookstore. I didn’t have to say a word. I gave the gift of my
being and that was enough. Looking damned handsome was a plus, too!

Matt went on to discuss how blindness has helped him focus more on his
inner experience and has guided him to grow spiritually. The humility
to ask for help, the willingness to trust, and the compassion for the
challenges of others are a few ways he mentioned.

He played some songs that he wrote as an expression of this spiritual
focus. You can hear them below.

My Big Break

It’s finally finished. The video that shows how I bravely guide Matt
around is online. It started about a year ago when we met a film maker
in Santa Monica as we walked back from the beach.

“Do you always go swimming in the ocean?” he asked Matt.

“Yeah, I don’t know how to surf or anything, I just love getting in
the water, you know?”

“And you go alone with your dog?” He looked at me.

“Yeah, well, sometimes we go with my wife and sometimes we go alone.
It’s always harder by ourselves but people help us out.”

“I’d like to make a video of that,” said the man. he was still looking
at me. I knew by the way he said it that what he really meant was,
‘I’d like to make a video starring this amazing dog and I’ll put you
in it, too, just so there’s no hard feelings.’

“Really?” said Matt. “Sure!”

And so we made the video. There weren’t as many full frontal shots of
me as I’d have liked, but my charm and charisma still came through.
The film maker, Nick, let Matt do the voice over narrations. He didn’t
talk a lot about me but he didn’t have to. My acting speaks for

So now I’m one step closer to having the world recognize me as the
super awesome mega star dog that I am. Before long I’ll be riding
around in the backs of limos eating caviar-flavored kibble from
diamond-studded dog bowls. Until then, I guess I’ll just content
myself with the plastic dish in the kitchen.

Watch the 3 minute video here:

I Was So Close

Guiding Matt around is actually a pretty good job. He doesn’t make me
work too hard and takes me to the dog park a lot. There are downsides,
though, like when I have to guide him through a public restroom…

It’s not the smell or anything like that. I’m a dog after all. I like
checking out interesting smells. It’s that we never know where the
heck we’re going!

Every public restroom is different. Sometimes the sinks are on the
right wall. Sometimes that’s where the urinals are. I don’t have a
‘find the stall’ command so Matt and I just keep moving around until
we find something he wants.

It can be frustrating! One time at a Subway I got so tired of the
whole thing I left Matt in the bathroom and wandered into the
restaurant with my leash dragging behind me on the ground.

To be honest it was partly frustration and partly that I wanted to
find something to eat. I followed my nose down the hall and around the
corner and then there I was, standing in Subway’s kitchen. The Holy
Grail for dogs.

I looked at the young woman nandling the meat. She smiled at me. I
made my eyes as wide and alluring as I could.

“ACHILLES!” It was Rita. The game was up. She apologized sheepishly to
the woman and pulled me out of the kitchen.

We found Matt standing outside the restroom waiting. He seemed to have
made it out fine by himself. Not that I was worried. I knew he’d be
fine without me.

Now is my chance...

Now is my chance…

Now where is that  kitchen...

Now where is that kitchen…

Reiki Petting

Last Friday I had my first group reiki treatment. It was almost as
good as dinner! Hands all over me, a gentle warmth flowing through me,
a dreamlike sensation of leaving my body. Ah, what bliss! Then I fell

When I woke up it was over. The small group of reiki masters didn’t
seem upset that I had checked out during their treatment. I guess they
are used to their clients falling asleep on them.

I’ve seen Matt give a number of reiki sessions by himself. Sometimes
the clients fall asleep and sometimes they stay awake and talk about
things that are weighing them down.

One time the woman was talking about a pain in her foot so I went over
and sat down on top of it. I thought it would make her feel better.

“Achilles knows reiki, too?!” she asked, laughing.

“Well, he was present during all of my attunements. Maybe he did pick
it up,” said Matt. “Or maybe he’s just a naturally intuitive dog.”

I’d say its a little from column A and I little from column B.
Naturally intuitive reiki master dog! I’m gonna get my own website.

At first I was skeptical...

At first I was skeptical…

Then I was in heaven!

Then I was in heaven!

There’s A Human Born Every Minute

I love the beach almost as much as Matt and Rita. I get to lie in the
sun and relax from my stressful life. But the sand can get hot.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a way to avoid it. I get Rita to dig a hole for me!

“Dig!” Rita says. She picks up my front paws and makes a digging
motion. But I’m not the kinda dog that digs my own hole.

“I don’t understand it!” Rita says to Matt. “Gilly dug holes all the
time. Achilles just lies there and looks at me. It’s like he’s waiting
for me to dig the hole for him!”

Well, Rita is an intuitive human. And, she digs a very fine hole if I
do say so.

Beeaachhhh... ♥

Beeaachhhh… ♥

Ah, cool sand on a hot beach day. Life is good!

Promoting Gilly

Lately I’ve been helping Matt promote Gilly’s book. I know what you’re
thinking. “Achilles, why are you promoting GILLY’S book? Why don’t you
promote your own??” Well these are excellent questions! Honestly, I’ve
been wondering the same thing!

I get sleepy just thinking about how many talks and book signings
we’ve gone to in just the last month. First there was the bookstore,
Barnes and Noble. Matt went on about Gilly this and Gilly that. He
didn’t once mention my name even though I was lying on the floor right
next to him. While Matt was signing books, someone asked, “Can I pet

I’m ACHILLES, I thought. Don’t you have a computer? Don’t you read
my blog? Humph!

Nap time at Barnes & Noble

Nap time at Barnes & Noble

Then there was the talk at the library. “Gilly is a really
nice-looking dog,” an older woman said as she looked at me.

I’m NOT Gilly!! I almost growled at her. Instead, I groaned and rolled over.

I'm going back to sleep now...

I’m going back to sleep now…

Then Matt spoke at North Hills High School. He talked and then played
some songs on the guitar. He even got Rita to say a few words in
Portuguese. But me?

“Can I pet your dog?” someone asked when he was done.

“Sorry, he’s working.” Matt said.

No pets. Not a one. Well, at least that time I didn’t get called Gilly.

What about me?

What about me?

Visit from an Old Friend

My dreams last night were filled by a familiar face. At first I felt nostalgic and whimpered a little at the sight. Then he took my bone, and I got mad and chased him around the beach where we used to play together. It was my bone, and I had to get it back!

Playing with Gilly...

Playing with Gilly…


“Did you hear Achilles yelping last night?” asked Matt the next morning.

“Yeah, I haven’t heard him dream so loudly in a long time.” Rita sat on the couch opposite Matt in her parents’ living room.

“But the craziest part,” she continued, was that during the night I heard him moving around in the bedroom. I looked over in the dark and saw him sitting up staring at you. I got worried. I thought he had to go to the bathroom or something. You know how he does sometimes. So I got up and turned on the light.”

“Oh, yeah, I was already awake and wondering what the heck you were doing.”

“Well, when I turned on the light Achilles was gone. I finally found him sleeping in the living room with Joao Carlos. And now… I think the dog I saw by the bed… I think it was Gilly!”

“Gilly!” said Matt with a huge smile. “Maybe that’s why I couldn’t sleep at all last night!”

“At least he didn’t try to take your bone,” I thought. ”

Well, I showed him. I got it back! Gilly may not be as solid as he used to be, but he’s still fatter than me.



Together forever in dreams!

Together forever in dreams!

Back in Brazil!

It’s so hot! I’ve been panting like a racehorse ever since we got here. I’m spending most of my time stretched out in front of the refrigerator for that blast of cold air that comes when someone opens it.



But the bones that Rita’s dad João has been bringing me from his butcher shop make it all worth it! I love’s! Nyum nyum nyum! On the nights he doesn’t come home with a bone for me I follow him around for a good hour just to remind him to bring one the next night. It’s been working!

Dreams came true!

Dreams came true!

Happy Birthday Rita!


I love birthdays, especially when they involve me going to the beach.
That’s what happened yesterday. I ran all over the sand and water while
Matt and Rita walked along the ocean in Malibu.

“Age is just a number,” I overheard Matt say. “This is the first day
of the rest of your life.”

I chased some seagulls, but they kept flying away. It wasn’t fair!
Finally, I found one that didn’t fly away from me. I was happy for a
second, then I realized that this one, too, had flown away. Only its
body was left on the beach.

Baby seagull

Baby seagull

I wondered how many more birthdays I would have before I flew away.
Probably not as many as Rita. Humans are so much slower than dogs.
They learn the lessons of love during decades, not years.

I would come back, I decided, to be with Rita and Matt. They could
take all the time they needed. And when they were done, we could all
go together to wherever we were going next. Patience was, after all,
the last lesson, and in some ways the hardest one. And so I would wait for
them however long it took and prove just how smart I was.


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